CE Credit for CMS Training

Dear OAHU Member

Finally some good news about the CMS training!

You can receive up to 3 CE credits for the 3 parts of the CMS training. The parts are “Affordable Care Act and Marketplace Basics”, Individual Marketplace Course” and “SHOP Marketplace Course”.

This is the procedure to get the credit:

You will need to send the Certificates of “Completion of course” and”Exam” completion certificates for each of the 3 sections (that means 2 each) if you want Credit (see attached). You will receive 1 hour of credit for each section.

I suggest you include a cover letter with your NPN # and Ohio license # fro ID and say this is submitted as per “Special CE credit ODI has agreed to give agents for the CMS agent training from UUHS and CMS regarding the ACA”.

Fax 614-387-0051 or email to [email protected]